How to maintain the honeycomb box during use

Publish Time: 2023-08-01
Keep the box dry: the paper honeycomb box is easy to be affected by moisture, so it is necessary to avoid a humid environment and keep the box dry.
Avoid direct sunlight: direct sunlight will cause aging of the box, so avoid direct sunlight for a long time.
Correct stacking: When stacking paper honeycomb boxes, ensure that the stacking is stable and avoid tilting or collapsing.
Pay attention to the cleaning of the honeycomb holes: the honeycomb holes of the paper honeycomb box need to be kept clean, and the debris and bee excrement should be cleaned up in time.
Handle carefully when moving: When moving the paper honeycomb box, it needs to be handled carefully to avoid collision or extrusion.
Service life: The service life of the paper honeycomb box is generally about one year, and it needs to be replaced in time according to the actual use.
During the use of paper honeycomb boxes, attention should be paid to keeping the box dry, avoiding direct sunlight, stacking correctly, paying attention to the cleaning of the honeycomb holes, handling carefully and replacing in time to ensure the use effect and life.

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