What is the design concept and development origin of the scraper machine

Publish Time: 2023-08-16
A scraper is a traditional tool used to shave fur. Its design concept is based on the continuous improvement of human needs and skills in fur processing.
Early scrapers may have been made of wood and stone, but with the development of metalworking, iron and steel gradually became the main materials for making scrapers. These metal materials are harder and more durable for more efficient scraping.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the development of electricity, electric scrapers began to appear. This new scraper provides more efficient and precise scraping. At the same time, new design concepts and technologies continue to emerge, such as adjustable blades, guards and more comfortable handle designs.
Generally speaking, the development history and design concept of the scraper machine focus on improving scraping efficiency and safety, while continuously improving the user experience. Future scrapers may be more intelligent, able to automatically identify different fur types and needs, and provide finer scraping results.
The design concept of the scraper machine is to use the open chute as a receiving part for coal, gangue or materials, etc., and fix the scraper on the chain (to form a scraper chain) as a traction member. When the transmission part of the machine head is started, it drives the sprocket on the machine head shaft to rotate, so that the scraper chain circulates and drives the material to move along the chute until it is unloaded at the machine head. The scraper chain bypasses the sprocket for a stepless closed cycle operation to complete the conveying of materials.
In the design of the scraper machine, the following aspects are the concrete embodiment of the design concept:
Practicality: As a kind of practical equipment, the scraper machine should be designed to meet the actual needs, and can realize the smooth and efficient transportation of materials.
Reliability: The design of the scraper machine should consider the reliability of the equipment, including the durability of parts, structural stability and safety protection.
Economy: The manufacturing cost and use cost of the scraper machine should be considered in the design, so as to provide users with cost-effective equipment.
Environmental protection: the scraper machine should be designed as an environmentally friendly equipment that can reduce noise, reduce material loss, and be easy to maintain and scrap.
Humanization: On the premise of satisfying the functions of the equipment, the user's operating habits and comfort should be considered in the design, and an interface and structure that is convenient for operation and maintenance should be provided.
In the future, the design of scraper machines may pay more attention to the development of intelligence, automation and sustainability. By introducing advanced technology and materials, the scraper will be able to better adapt to different material characteristics and environmental conditions, and improve the conveying efficiency and service life.

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