How much do you know about paper sculpture?

Publish Time: 2023-09-08
Engraved paper carvings originated from traditional paper carvings. The earliest paper carvings in China were made by hand. In the middle of the 18th century, paper sculpture was brought a new life by a group of European artists who loved to create. This was a heyday of new forms of paper sculpture. After that, the genre of paper sculpture began to be clear. Currently, there are three mainstream schools: Cubism, Experimentation and engraving on paper.
Paper carving, also called paper relief. Its origin can be traced back to the invention of paper in the Han Dynasty in China and the improvement of paper in Germany in the 16th century. Paper carving is a craft that uses paper as a material and uses knives to shape it. Paper as a representation of three-dimensional forms appeared very early, and there were figures made by hand in China very early. In the middle of the 18th century, a group of European artists who loved to create opened the door to the art of paper sculpture. They used simple tools and different papers to create many themed paper sculptures. In the 17th century, the famous British pioneer of paper sculpture Augustine. Walker, two marine works completed in 1760 are still preserved in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.
In the final analysis, paper carving is a handicraft made of a special paper. According to reports, paper sculptures were first made of papyrus made of a plant called "papyrus". Later, in Turkey and other Gulf regions, people began to replace this papyrus with the skins of livestock, but this also made this papyrus virtually invisible. Handicrafts are expensive. In the 20th century, people made similar paper substitutes, and this kind of paper is both strong and soft, and the price is relatively cheap, so this kind of thick and transparent paper relief material was born.
As paper sources became more widespread and paper carving techniques evolved, paper carving developed into a lucrative illustration medium. So far, paper sculpture is still the vanguard of the three-dimensional illustration industry. Many art schools in the West have special departments to teach paper sculpture and various three-dimensional creation methods derived from it.
As for another school of paper carving, engraved paper carving is a craft created with paper as the material and knife as the auxiliary tool. It adopts advanced new flexible paper, engraves on the paper with a sharp scalpel, and finally takes shape. In the development process of engraved paper carving, it gradually absorbed the characteristics of printmaking and fine brushwork painting, and at the same time continued to innovate in content and theme, and finally became a family of its own.

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