How to make a rigid box

Publish Time: 2023-12-19
The process of making a rigid box is relatively complex and requires multiple steps.
Design: First you need to design the shape, size and structure of the rigid box. Designs can be completed using professional design software or hand-drawn sketches.
Material preparation: Choose suitable materials to make rigid boxes. Common materials include cardboard, cardboard, wooden boards, etc. According to the designed size, the material is cut into the corresponding shape and size.
Printing: If you need to print patterns, logos or text on rigid boxes, you can print them by offset printing or silk screen printing. This step requires the use of corresponding printing machines and materials.
Cutting: According to the size and shape of the design, use a knife or cutting machine to cut the material into the desired shape and make sure the edges are neat.
Embossing or folding: Adding texture or creases to a rigid box to add stability and appearance by pressing the material into a mold or folding it by hand.
Joining: Using glue, tape, or other adhesives to bond the edges of the box together to ensure the stability and strength of the box.
Assembly: Assemble the various parts of the finished box, including the bottom, sides and lid. Ensure the integrity of the box by slotting, mortising or other means of assembly.
Trimming and Decoration: Finally, the box is carefully trimmed to ensure that the edges are smooth and burr-free, and desired decorations are added, such as ribbons, lace, metal logos, etc., to enhance the appearance of the box.
Above is a simple step-by-step guide to making a rigid box. Special attention needs to be paid to safety during the production process, using appropriate tools and materials, and cleaning the work area in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of the production process. At the same time, making rigid boxes requires professional technology and experience. For beginners, it is best to refer to relevant tutorials or consult professionals for advice to ensure that high-quality rigid boxes are made.


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