What is a rigid box called?

Publish Time: 2023-12-19
Rigid boxes are also commonly known as rigid boxes, rigid boxes, rigid cartons or rigid cartons. This all refers to packaging boxes with high mechanical strength and stiffness.
Hard box is a more commonly used name, which means that the box has high hardness and rigidity, which can protect the contents of the package and provide a better appearance and texture. Rigid boxes are typically made from cardboard or other rigid materials, and their highly customized appearance and construction also add to their unique appeal.
Rigid box is another commonly used name, which also refers to a packaging box with strong rigidity. Rigid boxes are generally made of cardboard or other materials to protect the contents of the package from external impact and extrusion. Rigid boxes are usually widely used in the packaging of high-end goods, such as cosmetics, pastries, wine, etc.
Rigid carton refers to increasing the hardness and rigidity of the material by treating and embossing the surface of the paper. The production process of rigid cartons usually involves printing, coating and embossing on the surface of the paper to increase its rigidity and hardness. The main advantages of rigid cartons are their thinness, greenness and cost-saving characteristics. They are usually used in packaging in food, beverage and other industries.
Rigid cartons use factors such as the ratio and thickness of cardboard to increase the rigidity and hardness of the box. Rough cartons are usually a simple but effective packaging box used to protect the contents inside and provide a visual impact. Rigid cartons can usually withstand a certain degree of weight and impact and are widely used in packaging for electronic products, furniture, food, beverages and other industries.
Rigid boxes are used in a wide range of industries and applications, and their names can vary depending on specific regions, industries and personal preferences. No matter what it is called, rigid boxes are characterized by high rigidity and hardness, which can provide high-quality packaging protection and appearance effects, and can also enhance the brand image and value of the product.

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