What are the three types of hard boxes?

Publish Time: 2023-12-19
Rigid box is a common packaging box with high rigidity and pressure resistance, and is suitable for packaging of various products. Here are three common types of hard cases:
Rigid Paper Box: A cardboard box is a rigid packaging box made of paper material. It is usually made of thicker cardboard or specially treated paper, which is formed through steps such as folding, gluing and molding during the production process to increase the rigidity and hardness of the box. Cardboard boxes can achieve personalized appearance through printing, embossing and other decoration techniques, and are often used to package high-end products such as gifts, cosmetics, pastries, and alcohol.
Rigid Carton: Rigid Carton is a rigid box made of cardboard. It usually consists of a base and a lid, held together by something like adhesive or a magnetic release buckle. Rigid cartons usually have high strength and rigidity and can be used to package heavy or fragile items, such as electronic products, furniture, toys, etc.
Rigid Plastic Box: A rigid plastic box is a rigid packaging box made of hard plastic material. This type of box typically has high impact strength and durability and can easily withstand pressure, preventing damage to the contents of the package. Rigid plastic boxes are usually transparent or translucent and can display products to consumers. They are often used for packaging in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, etc.
These rigid box types have their own advantages and characteristics in different application areas. Choosing the right type of rigid box often depends on the nature, weight, value and specific packaging needs of the product. No matter which type of hard box is used, it can provide good protection, increase the quality and value of the product, enhance the brand image, and provide consumers with a good experience.

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