What is an example of rigid packaging?

Publish Time: 2023-12-21
Rigid packaging is widely used in various industries and fields. The following are common examples of rigid packaging:
Rigid cartons: Rigid cartons are made of thicker cardboard and have better load-bearing capacity and rigidity. They are often used to package fragile items, food, cosmetics, household items, etc. Rigid cartons not only have strong load-bearing capacity, but their appearance can also be beautified through printing and other methods, making them relatively competitive in the market.
Hard plastic boxes: Hard plastic boxes are usually made of transparent, translucent or solid-colored plastics with good hardness and pressure resistance. They are often used for packaging cosmetics, handicrafts, stationery, candy, etc. The transparency of hard plastic boxes allows consumers to observe products intuitively, increasing their aesthetic sense and shopping experience.
Metal cans: Metal cans are made of iron or aluminum and have high hardness and are not easily damaged or deformed. It is usually used to package food, medicine, beverages, etc. It has good sealing and moisture-proof effects, allowing products to be stored for a long time. Metal cans can also be customized with different shapes and appearances through printing and molding technology to suit various needs and market trends.
Rigid guard board: Rigid guard board is usually made of plywood, wooden board or plastic board and can be used for items with particularly high packaging requirements, such as steel, large machinery, etc. The function of hard guards is to secure and protect items to prevent damage to their appearance and performance due to bumps during transportation.
Rigid carton: Rigid carton is usually made of hard paper or cardboard and has good load-bearing capacity and rigidity. It is often used to package cosmetics, candies, small household items, gifts, etc., and is often produced on chain-type manual operation production lines to ensure production efficiency and quality.
There are many types of rigid packaging, and the appropriate packaging form can be selected according to the characteristics, usage requirements and market positioning of the product. Good rigid packaging not only has good appearance and protection, but also improves the added value and market competitiveness of the product.

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