What is the paper included in a package box

Publish Time: 2023-12-14
Paper is an important part of packaging boxes, and different paper types have different properties and uses. This article will reveal the common types of paper in packaging boxes, introduce their characteristics and applicable scenarios, and help readers better understand the paper in packaging boxes.
1. Paper jam (cardboard):
Cardboard, also known as cardboard, is a relatively thick, stiff paper type. Made by adding an adhesive between two or more paper layers, it has high strength and load-bearing capacity. Cardboard is usually used to make packaging boxes for high-end products, such as luxury goods, gift boxes, etc. It provides good rigidity and protection while presenting a high-quality appearance.
2. Corrugated cardboard:
Corrugated cardboard is composed of a layer of flat paper and a layer of corrugated paper, and is usually used as the lining material of packaging boxes. The corrugated structure gives corrugated cardboard excellent cushioning and impact resistance, effectively protecting products from external impact and extrusion. Therefore, corrugated cardboard is widely used in industries such as transportation packaging, electronic products, food and beverages, etc.
3. Art paper:
Art paper is a smooth, finely textured paper commonly used for high-quality printing and packaging. It has good color reproduction and printing effects, and can present highly detailed and rich patterns and images. Art paper is usually used to make exquisite packaging boxes, such as cosmetic boxes, boutique packaging boxes, etc. By using art paper, brands can better showcase the look and feel of their products.
4. Special paper:
Specialty paper is a type of paper with a special texture, color or texture. They are often used to customize and personalize packaging boxes and are designed to give products a unique look and feel. There are many types of specialty paper, such as matte paper, metallic paper, pearlescent paper, fiber paper, etc. They can bring visual impact to the box and highlight the uniqueness of the brand.
5. Cardboard and kraft paper:
In addition to the common paper types mentioned above, other types of paper can also be used for packaging boxes, such as cardboard and kraft paper. Cardboard is of medium thickness and strength and is suitable for certain types of packaging boxes. Kraft paper is a relatively rough and durable paper that is often used to package heavy or rough products, such as furniture, large appliances, etc.
There are many types of paper used in packaging boxes, each with different properties and uses. Cardboard provides good rigidity and appearance, corrugated board has excellent cushioning and impact resistance, art paper displays exquisite printing effects, and specialty paper gives packaging a unique look and feel. For cardboard and kraft paper, choose the appropriate material according to the needs of the product.

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