how to get a cat to use a scratching board

Publish Time: 2024-01-16
Allowing your cat to use a scratching post is a great way to help your cat sharpen its claws and satisfy its natural instincts. Here are some ways to get your cat to use a scratching post:
1. Choose the right scratching post: Make sure the scratching post you choose is suitable for your cat. Usually, cats like vertical scratching posts, such as vertical scratching posts or vertical scratching posts on the wall. Also, choose a stable scratching post so it won't slide or collapse while your cat is using it.
2. Position the scratching post: Place the scratching post in a place where the cat often appears and moves, such as a resting area, the corner of the corridor or a place where it often plays. Make sure the scratching post is easily visible and accessible.
3. Guide the cat to use it: When you see your cat scratching its paws on the sofa, carpet or other inappropriate places, point your finger to the scratching post in time and make a sound to attract the cat's attention. When the cat approaches the scratching post, you can gently scratch it to simulate a scratching action and attract the cat's interest and curiosity.
4. Reward and encourage: When the cat approaches or uses the scratching post, reward it immediately, such as praise, small treats or extra attention. This positive feedback can help cats establish a positive association with the scratching post.
5. Make the scratching post more attractive: You can try spraying the scratching post with the scent of cat grass or catnip. These scents will attract cats to come closer to the scratching post and use it more.
6. Patience and Patience: It takes time and patience to get your cat to change its habits. If your cat doesn't use the scratching post right away, don't force or punish her. Instead, continue to increase his chances of using the scratching post with guidance and encouragement.
The most important thing is to give your cat ample time and opportunity to adapt to and use the scratching post. Remember, every cat has their own personality and preferences, so it may take a few tries to find what works best. With some patience and love, your cat will eventually come to love the scratching post and enjoy spending time on it.
When you want to further help your cat use the scratching post, you can try the following methods:
1. Increase the attractiveness of the scratching post: Paste some cats’ favorite toys or catnip bags on the scratching post to increase the attractiveness of the scratching post. You can also spray some scent that cats like on the scratching post, such as cat grass scent, to attract cats to use the scratching post more.
2. Stimulate the cat’s interest: Use an interactive toy or hang some tearable ribbons on the scratching post. This interactive method can attract the cat’s attention and stimulate them to scratch.
3. Keep the scratching post fresh: Constantly update and change the location and style of the scratching post to keep it fresh for your cat. Changing the location of the scratching post, or changing the scratching post to a different shape and texture can increase your cat's interest.
4. Provide alternatives: Place multiple scratching posts in different areas of your home so your cat can find them more easily. You can also provide similar alternatives, such as cardboard boxes or old towels, so your cat can scratch wherever he chooses.
5. Avoid punishment and inappropriate guidance: Never use punishment or force the cat to use the scratching post. This will only arouse the cat's disgust and create a negative association. Instead, be positive and patient at all times, and reward and praise your cat when he uses the scratching post.
By using the above methods, you can help your cat better adapt to and use the scratching post. Remember, each cat has their own personality and preferences, so it may take different methods and time to find what works for your cat. Build trust and interaction with your cat and give them enough time and space to adjust to new behaviors. May your cat enjoy the scratching board!

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