how to make a paper wallet without glue or tape

Publish Time: 2024-01-12
There are some ways to make a paper wallet without glue or tape. Here are two of the more common methods:
Method 1: Use folding and pressure methods
1. Prepare a square piece of paper. You can use double-sided colored paper, or DIY your own pattern on plain paper.
2. Fold the paper in half and then unfold it.
3. Fold the four corners of the paper so that they line up with the center point, forming a diamond shape. Fold the four corners up, down, left, and right.
4. Flatten the horizontal bend with the claws on each side. This causes the paper to curve and take on a fan-like shape.
5. Next comes the most important step. Please slowly press the left and right sides toward the center point to form a "pocket". Repeat the same way to complete the other side.
6. Finally, flatten the bottom edge to keep the paper wallet three-dimensional.
7. In this way, a paper wallet without glue or tape is completed.
Method 2: Use the cut and fold method
1. Prepare a rectangular piece of paper, you can use double-sided colored paper, or DIY your favorite pattern.
2. Place the paper upright, fold it in half, use your fingers to press the crease, and fold it in half according to the center line of the paper.
3. Fold the left side to the right and cut a small slit approximately two centimeters from the center line.
4. Fold the right side to the left and cut a small slit two centimeters from the center line.
5. Then fold the first small opening so that it stands upright. Fold the paper into a triangle, cut a corresponding small slit on the left and right sides of the bottom, fold the entire paper into a triangle, align the cuts, and complete the upper seal of the paper wallet.
6. Finally, make the bottom of the paper wallet. Flatten the unshaped triangle outwards to make it a flat surface. Find the rounded corner at the bottom of the triangle and fold it inward.
7. Next, fold the two sides together and fold the bottom of the paper into two layers to complete the bottom of the paper wallet.
These two methods of making paper wallets are not complicated and do not require glue or tape, making them doable even for beginners in crafting. Just follow the steps above and you can make a simple and fun paper wallet.
Once you've mastered the art of making a basic paper wallet, you can try some other ideas to make a more personalized paper wallet:
1. Creative styling: You can draw your favorite patterns, images or prints on the paper according to your own preferences and creativity to make a unique paper wallet.
2. Add decorations: You can decorate with colored paper, ribbons, stickers, etc. to add more details and personality to the paper wallet.
3. Use a variety of colors: By using different colors of paper, you can make a more colorful paper wallet. You can choose different colors of paper according to different occasions or personal preferences.
4. Add pockets: You can add small pockets inside the paper wallet to store coins, small items or cards.
5. DIY Ideas: In addition to using paper to make paper wallets, you can also try using other materials, such as old newspapers, plastic bags, etc., cut and fold them into paper wallets.
Remember, when making paper wallets, you can try different methods and materials and use your creativity and imagination for more unique and personalized effects. In the meantime, be patient and careful and enjoy the creative process. Have fun making your paper wallet!

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