How to evaluate the fresh-keeping performance of fruit boxes? What are the influencing factors?

Publish Time: 2024-01-23
The following factors can be considered when evaluating the freshness preservation performance of fruit boxes:

1. Breathability: Fruits need the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to extend their shelf life. Fruit boxes should have appropriate ventilation to ensure adequate gas exchange and avoid fruit rot.

2. Pressure resistance: Fruit boxes should have sufficient pressure resistance to avoid crushing the fruits during stacking or transportation. The box should be able to withstand stacking pressure and protect the fruit from being crushed or deformed.

3. Moisture-proof: Fruit boxes should have certain moisture-proof properties to prevent moisture from entering the inside of the box and causing fruit damage or rot. The box can be made of waterproof material or a moisture-proof layer can be added to maintain a dry environment inside the box.

4. Protection performance: The fruit box should be able to effectively protect the fruits from external impact, squeezing or friction. For fragile fruit, cushioning material or insulation can be added to the inside of the box to provide extra protection.

5. Temperature and humidity control: The fruit box should be able to maintain the freshness of the fruit at the appropriate temperature and humidity. The boxes can be insulated or refrigerated to delay the ripening and decay of the fruit.

6. Material safety: The material of the fruit box should be food-grade safe, not release harmful substances, and not cause contamination to the fruit. It is best to choose materials that comply with relevant food safety standards, such as food-grade plastic or paper materials.

Factors that affect the freshness preservation performance of fruit boxes include but are not limited to:

1. Box materials and structures: Boxes of different materials and structures have different preservation properties, such as plastic boxes, cartons, grid structures, etc.

2. Gas exchange: The breathability of the box will affect the gas exchange between the fruit and the external environment, thus affecting the preservation effect.

3. Temperature and humidity environment: The temperature and humidity control inside the box plays an important role in the preservation of fruits.

4. Fruit type: Different types of fruits have different preservation performance requirements, so the design of the box should take into account the characteristics and needs of different fruits.

5. Transportation and stacking conditions: Conditions such as vibration, pressure, and humidity during transportation and stacking of boxes will also affect the freshness-keeping performance.

Evaluating the fresh-keeping performance of fruit boxes requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors and actual testing and application. It can be evaluated through preservation tests, quality inspections and user feedback, and the design and material selection of fruit boxes can be continuously optimized and improved.

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