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Economy:Compared to plastic bags, portable paper bags are actually more economical and cheaper. Why? Because plastic bags can generally only be used once, the number of uses is extremely limited, while portable paper bags can be used multiple times, and portable paper bags are easier to print patterns and have more vivid color expressions. In this way, it seems that portable paper bags are more economical, and their promotional and promotional effects are more obvious.

Firmness:Strong toughness, wear-resistant, and more durable. In addition to being sturdy and durable, more high-end portable paper bags also have the characteristics of waterproof, good hand feel, and beautiful appearance.

Advertising:Handheld paper bags have brighter printing colors, clearer themes, and are sturdy and durable, making them a "flowing advertising bag". The promotional effect they bring to enterprises is much greater than traditional plastic bags, and high-end hand held paper bags highlight the company's momentum.

Environmental friendliness:Handheld paper bags have high toughness, wear resistance and durability, and are environmentally friendly, without causing damage to the environment, greatly reducing the pressure of human household waste conversion.


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