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Drawer box

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1.Widely used

Drawer style packaging boxes are also inspired by the common drawers in our daily lives. The box cover and body are two independent structures, with the box cover formed in a tube style, while the box body is formed in a disc style. This type of packaging box is suitable for gift packaging, clothing packaging, jewelry packaging, and cosmetics packaging.

2.Diversified structure

Another advantage of drawer boxes is that they can be categorized. Unlike other packaging box types, drawer boxes can have single layer, double layer, or even multiple layers. For example, a mooncake packaging box is a double-layer drawer box, where different flavors can be placed on the upper and lower layers, which not only satisfies customers' appetite but also makes the product arrangement more orderly and beautiful.

3.Add added value

Drawer boxes made of paper materials not only have strong practicality, but also enhance the added value of the product through decoration. Through processes such as stamping, UV, embossing, and printing, not only can the packaging box be beautified, but also the product brand can be highlighted, playing a role in advertising and promotion.

4.Can be used as a home organizer.


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